Joseph has completed filming on I Spit On Your Rave filmed at The Big Chill festival 2009.


Joseph appeared in Marple: A Pocketful of Rye on ITV in September 2009.

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Out on DVD now is a two hour movie pilot for international syndication called Fast Track:No Limits, filmed in Berlin in which Joseph plays Eric Visnjic.  Below is a picture of the cast from the pilot.


              Fast Track cast

                                        Joseph as Eric Visnjic in Fast Track:No Limits with his co-stars


Joseph will be filming his latest project, in Scotland, later this month alongside Paul Kaye, a British film called Eating Dust.  Joseph is currently undertaking some intensive motorbike training for the part.


A tale of furs, fibs, freaks and foolishness. A story about voodoo, speedway, a drunken undertaker and a mislaid corpse.

When Jamey Barnes, a wayward yet talented Speedway rider, arrives back in the sleepy Scottish West Coast town of Kilmore, fresh from an ill-fated trip to London, he soon realises that all is not well.


Joseph Beattie’s character: Jamey Barnes


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