Miss Marple - A pocketful of Rye

Eric Visnjic                                Fast Track: No Limits                                                            

Henry Crawford                          Mansfield Park                         Company Pictures*

Malachi                                     Hex                                          Shine*

Charley Irby                               Ultimate Egypt                         BBC*

Ian Harpen                                 Vincent                                    Granada

Denny Bourne                            Malice Aforethought                Granada*

Johnny Barnes                           Colditz                                     Granada*

Flashman                                  Tom Brown’s School Days       Company Pictures*

Robert Pullman (six episodes)     Holby City                                BBC

Puck                                         A Midsummer Nights Dream    Covent Garden Festival (Benjamin Britten)

Theo Price                                 Seesaw                                    ITV*




       I Spit On Your Rave

Anthony Blanche                    Brideshead Revisited            Julian Jarold

John                                         Cold Blooded Animal (feature film w’shop)

Antonio                              Nature Unleashed: Volcano     Mark Roper*

Wilson                                      The Browning Version              Mike Figgis*

Cooper                                      The Velvet Goldmine               Todd Haynes*



Whilst at Guildhall:-

Roberto Zucco                           Roberto Zucco                   Matthew Smith

Porfiry                                     Barbarians                              Joseph Blatchley

Montano                                   Othello                            Wyn Jones

Pearce                                     Confusions                            Christian Burgess

Boamer/ Cheapjack                      Lark Rise                               Graham Watts


‘Speaking Shakespeare’ Platform at the Royal National Theatre for Patsy Rodenburg.

* = available to buy on DVD, please see links page